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- Search engines.
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- Utilities.
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 How to Read Hebrew on the Web

Most of the Hebrew sites on the Internet use "backwords" Hebrew, to enable users of various systems reading the text properly. To enable this, you must have a special font installed on your system.
Several Hebrew web fonts packages are available for free downloading.

Here are the links you need, along with instructions that will guide you how to install the fonts on your computer.

* Windows 3.1 (Instructions)
* Windows 95 (Instructions)
* Macintosh (Instructions)
* Unix (Instructions)

After downloading and installing the fonts, go back to page you came from and see if you can read Hebrew.

Additional Help
How to Read Hebrew on the Web from

* Microsoft's Internet Explorer
1. Download the hebrew fonts for Explorer - GLEXP32.EXE (place it in a place you will remember)
2. Move to the directory you've saved the file and run it from there Press Setup and then Install
3. Close Explorer and run it again. Now you have your hebrew fonts setuped!

* Netscape's Navigator
1. Download the hebrew fonts for Netscape - GLOBES32.EXE
(place it in a place you will remember)
2. Move to the directory you've saved the file and run it from there.
3. Press Setup and then Install Close Netscape Navigator and run it again.
4. Now you have your hebrew fonts setuped!

* Netscape's Communicator
1. Download the hebrew fonts for Netscape - GLOBES32.EXE (place it in a place you will remember).
2. Move to the directory you've saved the file and run it from there
3. Press Setup and then Install
4. Close Netscape Communicator (if it is running).
5. Go to Start -> Settings-> Control Panel -> Fonts
6. Choose all the fonts that starts with the word "Times" and MOVE them to a temp directory.
7. Run Communicator
8. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Choose 'Fonts' (under appearance) Choose the font Globes
9. Get all the fonts that starts with the word "Times" back from the temp directory to the fonts folder in the Control Panel.
10. Now you can view hebrew with your communicator!

Using Internet Explorer 5.0 is the best way to get things done on the web. Browsing the web, searching for content and navigating, managing favourites, searching history, are quicker operations with Internet Explorer 5.0.

Search Engines

These search engines are in Hebrew. To use them, you'll need to download the Globes font and install it on your favourite browser. Follow the instructions below to solve most font-related problems. If however you still need help, feel free to contact us.

You may find what you're looking for in one the following English-language search engines.

Judaism and Jewish Resources - Andrew Tannenbaum

Multilingual E-mail Software

Unfortunately, Windows English version does not allow users to write e-mail in Hebrew using programs like Eudora, Outlook Express or Communicator. This is why Dvir Software (designers of QText) decided to create LingoMAIL which allows you to combine Hebrew (or Arabic) with any Western language in the same text.

Hebrew Message Viewer
Tired of seeing Hebrew appear as gibberish on your screen? This software acts as a clipboard viewer - you copy the text into the program and it appears as it should - in Hebrew. Freeware.

Fonts of the month

Each week, we will be featuring new Hebrew fonts, to be installed in Windows' Fonts folder. These fonts will be automatically installed in the Hebrew category of Dagesh-Pro. Below, you will find fonts for Macintosh.


Word Processors

We have chosen to feature three word processors: Dagesh-Pro , Qtext 8.0 and DavkaWriter 2000 . These programs allow you to write in Hebrew and English in your regular Windows environment, without having to buy the Israeli version of Windows. You can download a demo version of QText 8.0, which will function, but only for 30 days.

Dagesh-Pro Features
New Graphic Interface, Footnotes with built-in Hypertext, Drag & Drop, Spellchecks 7 Languages, 7 Language Dictionaries, Unlimited Undo/Redo, Built-in AutoNikud (adds vowels automatically), Over 200 Hebrew True-Type Professional Fonts, Compatible with all standard Hebrew Fonts, Internet Ready - Opens and Saves HTML, Onscreen Keyboards for easy Typing, Floating & break off Tool Bars, View document in multiple Windows simultaneously...

Dagesh-Pro english manual (Adobe Acrobat Pdf format)

Learn more about Dagesh-Pro

Combining powerful features with ease of use, DavkaWriter packs a wide array of features in a truly impressive package. From footnotes to columns, from 'drag and drop' to nikud and ta'amim, DavkaWriter 2000 has become the standard in Hebrew/English word processing.

DavkaWriter 2000 was designed, 'from the ground up', to be a user-friendly, yet powerful word processor. Its clear, consistent interface makes it easy to get to the tools you need. And, since it was written as a native Windows 95/98 application, you can take full advantage of its convenient features, including long file names, context-sensitive menus, right-mouse clicking, and more.

To order DavkaWriter 2000

Windows To Mac TTF Converter 1.5. (50 k) This very interesting tool for the Mac users allows u to convert PC TrueType fonts to Mac TrueType fonts in a blitz !

Hebrew Fonts for Macintosh. A Hebrew version of system 7.0.1 is available from Apple's ftp.

Hebrew Fonts for Windows and for Macintosh from the Virtual Jerusalem's Software Library .

Hebrew Font Source
Israeli site with free original Hebrew fonts - Terminator Hebrew, Star Trek Hebrew, Tentacle Hebrew, Hebrew-Rap, Floersheim, Jurassic Hebrew, Metal Hebrew, and Parpar Laila by Barak Floersheim. Plus a Hebrew font archive containing hebrew fonts made by other font creators. You will also find instructions for creating your own hebrew font.

Great news for Mac users! Proud owners of Operating System 8.5 can now download version 4.1.6 of Nisus Writer for free, the best multilingual word processor for Macintosh. Be sure to read the following on Hebrew functions.

Hebrew Keyboard Layout From Jonathan Rosenne.


Targumatik 2000 Deluxe for Windows is a very useful translation tool and time-saver because it speedily performs the mechanics of first draft translation, producing an understandable copy. Many translated sentences will need little, if any, modification, if you follow the rules and the suggestions outlined in the manual for writing the text that will be translated, such as using clear, simple and direct sentence structure and avoiding ambiguous phrases and words. It is also an excellent tool for helping you to edit the computer produced translation, thanks to the extensive Reference Tools, which are included in the program.

Targumatik for Windows should be considered a tool which, if sharpened and improved, will give you better and better service each time. You improve the program by adding words to its internal dictionary, expanding its vocabulary and translating capacity. The more words you add to its internal dictionary, the more useful the program becomes. Targumatik for Windows is easy to learn and very simple to operate. No formal training is required.

Important: Please take note that Targumatik for Windows's Hebrew is modern, contemporary Hebrew, not Biblical or Talmudic Hebrew. Also, "nikud", (Hebrew vowels, or diacritics), is NOT supported.

Download (1.8 MB) an English-Hebrew, (For Windows) electronic dictionary, from Ectaco.

Unitype is compatible with all Windows applications. It allows users to write in a wide variety of popular and complex languages such as Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. Unitype opens a text box in your regular word processor where you can enter text in the language of your choice (Editions Softissimo).

Babylon will make it possible to translate words and expressions on your screen from English to Hebrew with just one click of the mouse.

Linguist's Software. The Hebrew Language Kit, from Apple, installs Hebrew extensions and fonts into your operating system which then allows you to enter, edit, and print Hebrew and Yiddish text in all WorldScript®-compatible applications. You can switch between these languages and the computer's main language at any time. Hebrew and Yiddish can be mixed with left-to-right languages in the same document - even in the same sentence. The Hebrew Language Kit features a selection of keyboard layouts optimized for both native speakers and students, along with transparent labels for customizing your keyboard.

Ligature Ltd features Hebrew OCR, a comprehensive Hebrew character recognition tool. For users of Windows Israeli version only.

The OCR Otiot Plus offers you Hebrew text recognition (Israeli Windows only).

The Israeli company C.E.T (MaTaH') markets two utilities compatible with Hebrew Word 6 or 97 (Israeli Windows only).

- Nakdan (text vocalisation) and Rav Milim 2000 (dictionary).

New release - Rav Milim 2000

Hebrew Educational Software

DavkaGraphics Internet Collection contains all the images and animations you'll need to add zip and zing to your Judaic-oriented Web site. It features a full complement of Judaic images especially designed for the Web, including horizontal rules, buttons, backgrounds, animations, bullets, and headlines - all with a Jewish orientation.
These graphics have been been specially optimized to load quickly, and are in Web-standard GIF and JPEG formats. Plus, they are designed using Web-safe colors, ensuring stable appearance across platforms and browsers. From holiday headers to 'tallit' backgrounds, from animated Hanukkah lights to Omer counters, DavkaGraphics Internet Collection provides all the essential graphics you'll need for your Jewish Web site. Win CD requires PC with Windows 95/98, CD-ROM drive, page layout, and web page creation program. Mac CD requires Macintosh, CD-ROM drive, and web page creation program.

Our team of outstanding illustrators has worked diligently to create the best graphics available-over 350 breathtakingly beautiful, distinctive ALL-NEW images that will enhance all of your printed work. DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection III breaks new ground with an unusual and varied selection of black and white and gray-scale images, which lend an extra touch of sophistication, as well as a full complement of color images that will be particularly useful for schools and teachers. DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection III covers the gamut of Jewish life and events-celebrations, holidays, school, family, and fun-with a twist. We've even included a set of full-color graphics that can be easily printed as stickers, using popular programs that support sticker printing! The program also includes (Windows only) a versatile graphics viewer which allows you to view, print, export, and resize all graphics included. Whether you have previous Davka collections, or if you're new to the world of Judaic graphics, you're sure to love DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection III.

Win CD requires PC with Windows 95/98, CD-ROM drive, page layout, image editing, or word processing program.
Mac CD requires Macintosh, CD-ROM drive, and page layout, image editing, or word processing program.

Welcome to DavkaGraphics, the best Judaic Graphics ever ! The DavkaGraphics Deluxe series is packed with incredible, full-color graphics, that will add style and beauty to all of your printed documents. These stunning, exquisite graphics seem to jump off the page with their vivid color and beautiful appearance. Here's what makes DavkaGraphics Deluxe so special... Wide variety of graphics in a humorous, lighthearted style will brighten all your fliers and posters. Features four styles of graphics - backdrops, rows, columns, and squares - for increased versatility in design.

Frustrated that she couldn't find a comprehensive collection of Jewish clip art images for use on her Synagogue's web site, Cheryl began creating her own sets of Jewish Web Art. In order to share the images with other Synagogue web masters, she established in February of 1999 and began offering free images to web-site visitors. The response was overwhelming! Because of this interest, Cheryl was encouraged to continue developing images and started planning a collection of images to be distributed on CD-ROM. Bitsela's collection now includes over 3,500 web-ready images, more than 2,900 are offered on the CD-ROM "Images for Building Jewish Web Sites".
Now you too can be an artist. Whether you are making a School Newsletter or a simple greeting card, "Jewish Clipart" will make your work it easier and more professional looking!

Tashbetz lets you create your own crossword puzzles in Hebrew or English! Print puzzles, clue sheets, and solutions, or play timed games on screen. Tashbetz is designed for home as well as school use, includes ready-made puzzles that can be printed, as well as on-screen play mode for family fun.

This amazing new program is truly a complete learning tool for study and understanding of the Bible. From the authentic Hebrew text to the authoritative English translation, from its dazzling array of full-color photographs and charts, to its useful display and printing capabilities, it is destined to become the premiere program of its kind.
Judaica Press Complete Tanach is the only CD-ROM available that contains the English translation of both the Tanach text, and Rashi's commentary on the entire Tanach. The translation is the authoritative Judaica Press version, edited by Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg.

Photos and Charts
The Judaica Press Complete Tanach features dozens of illuminating charts, maps, drawings, and full-color pictures of Biblical sites, linked to the text, that can be printed directly from the program.

The Judaica Press Complete Tanach offers the unique ability of viewing any verse in the Tanach, complete with Hebrew (including vowel points and cantillation marks), English translation, and Rashi's commentary in both Hebrew and English, in separate, scrolling windows. You can actually study the text on screen, complete with commentary, and even print multiple texts on the same page.

Calendar Maven is a 'SOHO' business operated from Canton, Ohio by Joe and Linda Kohn since 1990. Hebrew Calendar is the only product offered by Calendar Maven.
The original Hebrew Calendar DOS version was inspired by the need to understand the Jewish calendar and have a computer programming project to fill some spare time. The DOS version had limited capabilities and even more limited success. The popularity of Windows, online services and the Internet resulted in the successful launching of the Windows version of Hebrew Calendar in 1994. The program has matured since then with many improvements. Version 8 represents the addition of most features requested by users of the previous versions. It also has a Windows 95 look without the overhead burden of many Windows 95 programs. Several thousand copies of Hebrew Calendar are in use around the world by people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

"At Home With Hebrew" - Product Features - Multimedia Windows Hebrew Tutor Program teaches beginners to read and pronounce Hebrew language, and to recognize the most common Hebrew words used in Bible and Synagogue. FREE download available. Focuses mainly on phonetics, reading skills, and vocabulary. Includes several fun and challenging games and even shows you how to read Hebrew without the vowel dots.

Smart Start Hebrew . You don't need lessons to learn Hebrew thanks to our game-style program. Fun and rewarding for the whole family, start speaking, listening and reading right away with this award-winning software! Perfect the basic sounds with the SoundStart tutorial, then choose topics and learning activities in a self-paced multimedia immersion format that features speech recognition and record/playback. Progress through 3 skill levels as you master the usage of hundreds of words and phrases. Join in interactive conversations with onscreen characters, and you're ready for real-world communication!

The Encyclopaedia Judaica CD-ROM Edition unveils a complete treasure of information that enables the user to experience the legacy of the Jewish people, all from one source. The text of the Encyclopaedia Judaica CD-ROM is distinguished from other Jewish sources by its unequaled presentation of the entire gamut of the Jewish world and civilization. It represents the culmination of over 30 years of intensive work by scholars from around the world, and provides a comprehensive picture of all aspects of Jewish life. Over 2,000 Hebrew Pronunciations embedded in the text of the Encyclopaedia.

Rosetta Stone is a FREE Java application designed to allow the most efficient learning of a vocabulary of words. It ships with lists of around 4000 Hebrew verbs, nouns, adjectives etc; beginning wordlists; the Alphabet and Hebrew vocalisations; and further resources. The Online Hebrew Tutorial is available as part of the download - a complete, condensed set of language lessons to learn Hebrew.

Davka offers a wide variety of programs that facilitate the learning of Hebrew; from the beginner to advanced student.

T.E.S in Jerusalem produces programs for kids like My Hebrew Teacher and From Alef to Tav . These programs are available in English.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail with your questions about these tools.

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