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Word Processors

We have chosen to feature three word processors: Dagesh-Pro , Qtext 8.0 and DavkaWriter 2001 . These programs allow you to write in Hebrew and English in your regular Windows environment, without having to buy the Israeli version of Windows. You can download a demo version of QText 8.0, which will function, but only for 30 days.

Easy to Use! Powerful! Flexible! Fast!
To order DavkaWriter 2001

DavkaWriter 2001 is now available! If you liked DavkaWriter before, wait 'til you see it now! It's loaded with fabulous new features that place it way ahead of the pack!

What's New in DavkaWriter 2001?

Among the many new features in DavkaWriter 2001, you will find:
Drop Caps
Keyboard shortcuts are customizable.
DavkaViewer - a program that lets others read your Davka files even if they do not have DavkaWriter
Custom Menus that are movable and floatable
Colors - new detachable color palette with more colors
Detachable menus - Menu bar, Main Toolbar, and the Insert/Special
Enhanced flexibility for Custom Toolbars
Fractional line spacing, fractional paragraph spacing, and fractional text sizes
All DavkaWriter fonts are embeddable, making it easier to create PDF files
Improvements in Font lists in the style bar
Templates - easy to create, store, and retrieve
Outlined characters

Learn more about Dagesh-Pro

Dagesh-Pro Features
New Graphic Interface, Footnotes with built-in Hypertext, Drag & Drop, Spellchecks 7 Languages, 7 Language Dictionaries, Unlimited Undo/Redo, Built-in AutoNikud (adds vowels automatically), Over 200 Hebrew True-Type Professional Fonts, Compatible with all standard Hebrew Fonts, Internet Ready - Opens and Saves HTML, Onscreen Keyboards for easy Typing, Floating & break off Tool Bars, View document in multiple Windows simultaneously...

Dagesh-Pro english manual (Adobe Acrobat Pdf format)

Windows To Mac TTF Converter 1.5. (50 k) This very interesting tool for the Mac users allows u to convert PC TrueType fonts to Mac TrueType fonts in a blitz !
Hebrew Keyboard Stickers

Clear stickers with black, red or white letters make it easier for those with a standard English keyboard to remember where the Hebrew letter keys are located.

Hebrew Fonts for Macintosh. A Hebrew version of system 7.0.1 is available from Apple's ftp.

Learn how to touch-type in ten hours! This outstanding program will teach you how to touch type in Hebrew and/or English quickly, painlessly, and efficiently. Recipient of a five-star accolade from the Jerusalem Post, Touch Typing Now includes 19 comprehensive lessons with video accompaniment in English or Hebrew, imaginative games, and an excellent interface. This state-of-the-art typing program features:

Interactive, on-screen typing teacher

3-D keyboard on screen

Internet connectability to other users

Customized or timed tests

Requires PC with Windows 95/98/NT, CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM (64MB recommended) and sound card. Hebrew Support for Windows (Hebrew keyboard and fonts support for Windows 95/98/NT/2000)

FontWorld is proud to present Adobe Acrobat 4.05-ME.
Designed to handle Arabic and Hebrew, this product is packed with exceptional features. Adobe Acrobat 4.05-ME will transform the way you communicate. With Acrobat, you can easily share your documents, images, and graphics with anyone regardless of the platform: Macintosh, Windows. Now in Hebrew!

In this area, you will find professional software that will enhance and expand your creativity. Adobe PageMaker-ME is considered the premiere in Hebrew Desktop Publishing software, with unique Internet publishing features.

Hebrew Fonts for Windows and for Macintosh from the Virtual Jerusalem's Software Library .

Hebrew Font Source
Israeli site with free original Hebrew fonts - Terminator Hebrew, Star Trek Hebrew, Tentacle Hebrew, Hebrew-Rap, Floersheim, Jurassic Hebrew, Metal Hebrew, and Parpar Laila by Barak Floersheim. Plus a Hebrew font archive containing hebrew fonts made by other font creators. You will also find instructions for creating your own hebrew font.

Great news for Mac users! Proud owners of Operating System 8.5 can now download version 4.1.6 of Nisus Writer for free, the best multilingual word processor for Macintosh. Be sure to read the following on Hebrew functions.

Hebrew Keyboard Layout From Jonathan Rosenne.



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