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Penticon, founded in 1997, is committed to developing innovative solutions for handheld computers.
Penticon's current focus is on applications for the 3Com Palm Computing Platform. Products include: Hebrew Support+, Hebrew Lite, Luach, and Omer. In addition, Penticon hosts the Moadon, an On-Line archive of Hebrew Doc files formatted specifically for the Palm Organizer.

Targumatik 2000 Deluxe for Windows is a very useful translation tool and time-saver because it speedily performs the mechanics of first draft translation, producing an understandable copy. Many translated sentences will need little, if any, modification, if you follow the rules and the suggestions outlined in the manual for writing the text that will be translated, such as using clear, simple and direct sentence structure and avoiding ambiguous phrases and words. It is also an excellent tool for helping you to edit the computer produced translation, thanks to the extensive Reference Tools, which are included in the program.

Targumatik for Windows should be considered a tool which, if sharpened and improved, will give you better and better service each time. You improve the program by adding words to its internal dictionary, expanding its vocabulary and translating capacity. The more words you add to its internal dictionary, the more useful the program becomes. Targumatik for Windows is easy to learn and very simple to operate. No formal training is required.

Important: Please take note that Targumatik for Windows's Hebrew is modern, contemporary Hebrew, not Biblical or Talmudic Hebrew. Also, "nikud", (Hebrew vowels, or diacritics), is NOT supported.

Download (1.8 MB) an English-Hebrew, (For Windows) electronic dictionary, from Ectaco.

Unitype is compatible with all Windows applications. It allows users to write in a wide variety of popular and complex languages such as Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. Unitype opens a text box in your regular word processor where you can enter text in the language of your choice (Editions Softissimo).

DAVAR is a hebrew dictionary, running on Windows95/98 platform. It can be a helpful tool for study of Old Testament language as well as modern ivrit. Still it is in betaversion, but the program development is in progress.
DAVAR can contain more than one dictionary file. For example, you can open bidirectional english-hebrew AND czech-hebrew dictionary. It's also possible to have opened more types of dictionaries, e.g. Modern hebrew and Biblical hebrew.
DAVAR is freeware!

Finished features:
DAVAR can open 3 bidirectional dictionaries
Create new dictionary, add/edit/delete words
Change title of dictionary
Kvadratic and script hebrew characters
Create opposite dictionary
Delete duplicate words
Merge dictionaries
Search for user defined types of the words
Toolbar for some commands
Font setting
Fast search
Hebrew keyboard support

Babylon will make it possible to translate words and expressions on your screen from English to Hebrew with just one click of the mouse.

Linguist's Software. The Hebrew Language Kit, from Apple, installs Hebrew extensions and fonts into your operating system which then allows you to enter, edit, and print Hebrew and Yiddish text in all WorldScript®-compatible applications. You can switch between these languages and the computer's main language at any time. Hebrew and Yiddish can be mixed with left-to-right languages in the same document - even in the same sentence. The Hebrew Language Kit features a selection of keyboard layouts optimized for both native speakers and students, along with transparent labels for customizing your keyboard.

Ligature Ltd features Hebrew OCR, a comprehensive Hebrew character recognition tool. For users of Windows Israeli version only.

The OCR Otiot Plus offers you Hebrew text recognition (Israeli Windows only).

The Israeli company C.E.T (MaTaH') markets two utilities compatible with Hebrew Word 6 or 97 (Israeli Windows only).

- Nakdan (text vocalisation) and Rav Milim 2000 (dictionary).

New release - Rav Milim 2000



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