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Multilingual E-mail Software
Sahbak is a freeware that was designed to solve that problem and is very easy to obtain. it can be downloaded and installed from the net, and once installed, it enables your computer to write and read Hebrew when using E-mail (written with Sahbak). The file size is only 131k.
Sahbak uses a new technology  - "Universal Hebrew Support" and should be installed on the sending and the receiving computer, regardless of the specific operating system. (it should be installed on Hebrew or non Hebrew supported operating systems).
Sahbak is new and already recommended by "Two Cows" in Israel, for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
It has many features including a virtual Hebrew keyboard (for use with the mouse) and high encryption (at the menu).
Visit to install the program.

Unfortunately, Windows English version does not allow users to write e-mail in Hebrew using programs like Eudora, Outlook Express or Communicator. This is why Dvir Software (designers of QText) decided to create LingoMAIL which allows you to combine Hebrew (or Arabic) with any Western language in the same text.


Hebrew Message Viewer
This program allows users to read Hebrew text files or Hebrew messages posted on Compuserve or Internet. . Freeware.

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