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 With close to 35000 visitors, 1999 marked a turning point for Morim. Until this past year, Morim had garnered some acclaim, but was still considered a ''personal'' site. No longer! On the heels of this success, we are pulling out all the stops to revamp, in order to offer you a richer, more user-friendly site that continues to better address your needs. Each month, more and more of you drop by to explore these pages, and we thank you!

In 2000, you can look forward to major changes at Morim, but we will never lose sight of our guiding principle; bringing together everyone who is interested in Hebrew culture, for personal or other reasons. Your numerous words of encouragement never cease to inspire and motivate us. Our best way to thank you is to always give you more. Look for some new additions in February and join us as the adventure continues.

Meanwhile, we would like to offer you our heartfelt wishes for the best in 2000, for you and your loved ones.

The team of Morim (teachers)

Morim was created by a group of teachers to bring Hebrew language and culture to a wide audience.
At, you'll find tools and books to study or teach Hebrew, links to Israeli websites, media sites, discs and cd-roms, as well as an on-line course with a database of printable files in PDF format, and for teachers : instructional material in French, Hebrew and English.

If you enjoy our site and would like to tell others about it, simply print and post the small poster created in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf A4 format) by following this link. Thank you in advance for your support.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy our games page.
At Morim, advertisers can promote hebrew-related cultural products and judaica. Feel free to contact us for more information on getting your messge to our visitors.
A Hebrew Billboard (from Hebrew For Me) is also available. Exchange ideas with others who share your passion.
We also offer a
directory of teachers offering private lessons in France, Canada, Belgium and Sweitzerland.

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