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An exploration of Hebrew roots, shorashim, that draws from a wide range of sources-Biblical and Rabbinic texts, contemporary authors, and a diverse collection of Israeli Hebrew: newspapers, advertising slogans, slang and graffiti.

"Hebrew language is holy, its very letters sacred. Yet on Joe Lowin's hands, we see that it is also exuberant, full of rich treasures, fresh as well as ancient, funny as well as profound."- Blu Greenberg

"This brilliant and captivating study of Hebrew roots reads like a series of tales that will enrich the knowledge of students and teachers alike." - Elie Wiesel

by Dr Joseph Lowin

First edition, July 2004 - ISBN 0-939144-47-6 (Hard Cover) $27.95
ISBN 0-939144-48-4 (Paperback) $19.95

The Essential Hebrew-English Word Processor

The most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet is now available in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version that's even more user-friendly and powerful! DavkaWriter Platinum provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating the latest advances in word-processing technology. No other program can match its combination of ease-of-use and flexibility!

What's New in DavkaWriter PlatinumText Boxes-Compose text and move it anywhere on the page!
Flowed Text-Link text boxes to create multiple set of text, flowing from page to page!
Automatic bulleting, numbering and outlining--Great for creating and organizing information
Yiddish support-full entry of all Yiddish-specific Hebrew characters, including YIVO!
Borders around graphics and watermarks-Adds that special touch!
Find in Files command-Search for any word or words-in Hebrew or English, in your entire DavkaWriter file directory, and see the results in a flash!
New styles in format menu- Inscribed Outline, Circumscribed Outline, Black-Filled Outline, 3D Shadow, 3D Block!
Document Tabs--A tab appears along the bottom of the screen for each open document, letting you switch among them with the click of a button.
Sophisticated Tools
DavkaWriter is very easy to learn and use. It's simple to switch between Hebrew and English, and the on-screen keyboard makes it easy to enter text. Yet, underneath the ease and simplicity lies a powerful and sophisticated word processor.

Drag and drop editing, unlimited undo of previous actions
Easy-to-use, customized placement of nekudot and trop with Intelli-Accent
Context sensitive menus, live scrolling, customizable tool bar
Large selection of Hebrew and English fonts, listed separately and previewed
Nekudot and trop can appear in all Hebrew fonts
Drop Caps
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Inserts tables, columns, and graphics easily
Footnotes, headers and footers easily inserted
Enables creation of templates
Amazing Add-Ons
DavkaWriter Platinum comes with a full suite of useful add-ons that make it a truly complete product.

Full text of Hebrew Tanach and Mishnah
Judaic clip art
Spell checking in Hebrew and English
Hebrew to English /English to Hebrew translator
There are other Hebrew word processors available. But no other product is as easy to use, and as powerful as DavkaWriter Platinum!

Bar Ilan Responsa 9.0

Worlds Largest and Most Respected Jewish Database
NEW! Simply the best. Easy to use, yet more powerful than anything that exists... Access and search... Centuries of scholarship & wisdom at your fingertips. View Original Hebrew Text, & Commentaries at once! Research and learn...Benefit from 25 years of University Research.
List: $798.00 Online: $689.00

Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe for Windows & Mac Only $59.95

Welcome to the very best in Hebrew font design! Davka's Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe includes 30 exquisite Hebrew fonts, designed by Shmuel Guttman, master font craftsman of Jerusalem. The Font Gallery Deluxe contains an appealing assortment of unique, high-quality typefaces, and will add flair and flash to all of your work.

What makes the Font Gallery Deluxe truly unique is the full complement of vowels and cantillation marks that are available in these fonts. DavkaWriter users, of course, can easily access these special characters within the program itself. And now, for the first time, users of non-Hebrew Windows programs, can utilize these special characters by typing right-to-left within the all-new HebrewTyper applet, included with the Font Gallery Deluxe,and paste the Hebrew text into their regular Windows programs!

On the Mac side, the fonts are compatible with Nisus, the popular Hebrew/English word processor, and can be used with vowels. If you don't have Nisus, and are using a standard left-to-right Mac application, you can still enter Hebrew text left-to-right, and enter vowels, and cantillation marks as well, for short passages.

 DavkaGraphics Special Edition
For Windows and Macintosh ONLY $99

Davka's Greatest Graphic Hits, plus 125 all-new images!

We've selected the very best images-over 900-from our four classic collections of graphics, and added 125 all-new graphics, to create the world's best collection of Judaic clip art. DavkaGraphics Special Occasions is a complete Judaic graphics art studio! More...

FoundationStone is a FREE application and support materials designed to allow the most efficient learning of its Hebrew vocabulary. The "Online Hebrew Tutorial" is available as part of the download - a complete, condensed set of language lessons to learn Hebrew. It can also be browsed online

A remarkable site recounting the long struggle of the Hagana !

ORT Israel features a very nice site devoted to print media: KtavNet is not to be missed. Check it out!

The Bible Site. all you want read and listen to the bible sent a not to the bible and much more.

The Negev 180 databases are the first part of a Negev Database which we are constructing. Although these databases are now only in Hebrew, we have plans to bring out English versions soon. These databases cover many areas of the Negev, such as ancient settlement, tourist routes, medicinal plants, modern settlements, etc.

showU is a web-based learning application model. It combines Java technology developed by ZigZag, Inc. for Hebrew for ME with standard web technologies for page layout and sound delivery. showU extends the vocabulary focus of Hebrew for ME into an integrated language comprehension exercise. This demo of showU comprises three Hebrew-language exercises, one each at the beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate levels.


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