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Below you will find a selection of the most essential sites. We update the links on a regular basis and are always adding new ones.
On our "Media" page, you'll find more links: to print and broadcast media from Israel, as well as radio stations you can listen to live.
On our "Education" page, we've listed resources in Hebrew, French and English for teachers.

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Link of the Week

Welcome to the Golan Heights Information Server. 11/02/2000

The millennium has finally arrived. In recognition of the significance this "new year" has for large portions of the world, Snunit has created a site (in Hebrew, of course) that deals with Year 2000 in its varied aspects. Included in the site are issues relating to the Gregorian calendar and how years are counted, the infamous BUG-2000, predictions for 2000 and views of the world from ancient times.

ORT Israel features a very nice site devoted to print media: KtavNet is not to be missed. Check it out!

The Bible Site. all you want read and listen to the bible sent a not to the bible and much more.

A remarkable site recounting the long struggle of the Hagana !

The Israel Postal Authority was established a decade ago, after it was extracted out of the ministry of communication in 1987. During this decade, the Postal Authority has undergone many changes and has turned to be a dynamic organization that is economically oriented and is committed to good service.

Map Index
A very useful site with maps of the regions of Israel.

Snunit features an excellent report on floods (very timely in Israel), including a photo gallery and videos. A must see! Nature lovers will not be disappointed.

State of Israel, Ministry of Environment
The site is under construction, but most of the work is already done!

National Photo Collection
One of the most comprehensive Israeli sites. By simply entering a search word, you can bring up a series of photos related to your topic, over 50000 pictures in total.

State of Israel, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
A well designed site with a beautiful photo exhibit commemorating Israel's fiftieth.

Israel's largest education-related site. It features an unparalleled collection of reference material. Not to be missed! The swallow awaits your visit.

On Amalnet Education Network, you'll find a section on the Yishuv during the Second World War. A must see!

The Knesset
Take a virtual tour of the Knesset, review its comprehensive reference material on politics and history and enjoy the beautiful pictures.

The Ytzh'ak Rabin center for Israel studies
A memorial everyone should visit, including a biography, photos and material on the minutes leading up to Ytzh'ak Rabin's assassination.

Eli Cohen
At this site, you'll learn the tragic story of the famous Israeli agent, read newspaper articles about Eli Cohen and poems, as well as seeing videos, etc. Well worth a visit!

The Irgun
Not to be missed! A remarkable site recounting the long struggle of the Irgun (Etzel) to create a Jewish homeland in Eretz Israel.

Academy of the Hebrew Language
The official site of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, including Academy decisions and publications.

Israeli Air Force
Discover the brand new site of the Israeli Air Force with extensive historical material, pictures and incredibly realistic Shockwave effects!

Central Bureau of Statistics
Here you'll find everything you need to know about Israeli society: demography, economy and lifestyle.

Bank of Israel
A comprehensive history with photos of Israel's currency since statehood. An eye-catching site.

Shaar Hamemshala
The official site of the Government of Israel with an index of links to the various Ministries.

Discovering the Internet
An excellent course on the Internet in Hebrew.

The Judicial Authority
Everything you need to know about the judicial system in Israel.

A marvellous site for children 10 and under.

Koupat h'olim klalit
Visit the famous Health Insurance Fund.

Israel's leading dairy producer, a veritable institution.

Mey Eden
Israel's best-selling mineral water. A must see!

Comprehensive information on another Israeli institution, the bus cooperative.

Rakevet Israel
Get on board Israel's railway.

A selection of the best sites in Hebrew.

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Media Sites - Israeli
The Jerusalem Report
Ma'ariv (Hebrew)
Yediot Aharonot (Hebrew)
Israel Radio
Arutz 7
Media Sites - Palestinian
Palestine Net
Palestine Times Monthly
Palestine Daily
Assenara (Arabic)
Al-Ayyam (Arabic)
Alhayat (Arabic)
Palestinian National Authority
Media Sites - Misc.
The Daily Star - Lebanon
Islamic Republic News Agency
Iraq Daily
Petra News - Jordan
Syrian Times
Cairo Times
Middle East Daily
Arabic Newspaper
State of Israel
Israel Defence Forces
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jewish Agency
Orthodox Union
Aish Hatorah
Ohr Somayach
Yad Vashem
US Holocaust Museum
Israel Political
Yisroel Beteinu (Hebrew, Russian)
Haichud-Haleumi (Hebrew)
Moledet (Hebrew)
Likud (Hebrew)
Herut (Hebrew)
Hadash (Hebrew)
Hamercaz (Hebrew)
Peace Now
Zu Artzeinu
Peres Center
Bridges for Peace
Arab Political
Intifada Website
Shalem Center
Magen David Adom
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Jewish Genealogy
Vaad LeMa'an Zion

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