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The Aleph-Bet Quiz at Akhlah, The jewish children's learning network .

It's finally here!! Alef Bet Pages. A new letter each week from Torahtots.

Will you prepare the
Seder Plate
with special foods
for Passover Night ?

Tell your children
the Passover story as
Pharaoh Sees the Ten Plagues
Le collège Yavné du Brésil nous présente un site pour apprendre l'hébreu aux enfants de 4 à 9 ans tout en s'amusant, ce site vaut vraiment le détour !

Try Hebrew Keyboard Tutor, our exciting new online activity to learn how to type on the Hebrew keyboard.



A special (and appropriate) place has been created for java applets at Hebrew for Me. Here at Morim.com, we feature five of these simple games. All you have to do is place the Hebrew word in the right place.

Un jeu pour nous rappeler le premier texte de la Bible et l'Oeuvre du Créateur.

Révisez vos connaissances sur les nombres de 1 à 20 à l'aide du Puzzle ; Number Star (L'étoile des nombres). A l'aide de ce nouveau jeu, proposé par l'équipe d'Hebrew for Me, vous apprendrez aussi la valeur numérique des lettres hébraïques.

The table is set For you to enjoy the best meal yet!
from ZigZag .

Review "The Hebrew Vowels" as you place them in Hebrew words associated with
Succot! Click on the picture of the vowels, or click on the link in the
Features area of the
Hebrew for ME home page

Learn some Hebrew "In My Succah" with this new applet! Click on the picture
of the succah, or click on the link in the Features area of the Hebrew for
ME home page .

Practice the Hebrew words for clothing with our newest applet! Click on the
picture of the teddy bear looking in the mirror, or click on the link for "
What do I wear?"

showU is a web-based learning application model. It combines Java technology developed by ZigZag, Inc. for Hebrew for ME with standard web technologies for page layout and sound delivery. showU extends the vocabulary focus of Hebrew for ME into an integrated language comprehension exercise. This demo of showU comprises three Hebrew-language exercises, one each at the beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate levels.

Stretch your mind with this "Purim Word Find" . Arrange the Hebrew letters in the words Megillat Esther to spell new Hebrew words. Each letter can only be used once per word.


- Une place particulière est réservée aux jeux en Applet Java d' Hebrew For Me, Ils le méritent bien, n'est-ce pas ? En attendant nous en avons sélectionné 6. (Ces jeux ont été créé pour le public anglophone, mais ils sont très simples, il suffit de placer le mot en hébreu, au bon endroit !).

Explore the vegetation of the ancient city of Neoth Kedoumim. In this game, you will learn the names of plants mentioned in the Bible and discover a verdant paradise. An exotic get away!

This new game teaches you the months of the Hebrew calendar and the holidays. Be sure to read the list of proper spelling of names of the months before you begin. Also check out the quick refresher on holidays.

Tidy the house by placing objects in the right spot. First learn the vocabulary!

Another java applet from ZigZag Inc., where you have to organize a picnic with your friends.

How patient are you ? Try placing the twenty-two letters of the alef-bet on four lines. Read the instructions beforehand.

Who are they? Find the names of characters and indicate what they have in common, and we will send you a fourteen page Hebrew lesson for beginners in pdf format, via e-mail.

- Play with the letters in Puzzle and Memory designed by Rafi Stern .

Let your imagination run wild! For Purim, Create your own Mask & Crown

Try this exciting new online activity to learn how to type on the Hebrew
keyboard. This applet uses our newest technology, so be sure to use an
up-to-date browser!

Hebrew Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures . Note, these quizzes require Hebrew fonts.

These are intereactive JavaScript quizzes for students of Hebrew as a second language. Students can practice nouns, verbs and adjectives in Hebrew.

Exclusively at morim.com, your teachers and Hebrew for Me bring you a java applet game called A Hebrew Class. This game is mostly for our younger visitors, but will certainly amuse their parents.

After the Java program loads below, you start with an empty canvas and a list of Hebrew words on the right.

Add objects by dragging Hebrew words onto the canvas. (Dragging means clicking and holding the mouse button while moving the mouse.) As you drag an object, the word for it is highlighted.
Move an object around in the canvas by dragging it. Remove an object by dragging it off the canvas. When you drag an object, it moves to the front of the scene.
To clear the canvas and start over, click on the eraser.

NOTE : If the colors appear dull or speckled, try changing the number of colors on your display. The Java implementation in some browsers alters colors when the display is set to 256 colors, some alter the colors when the display is not set to 256 colors, and some work correctly all the time. (See your computer manual for how to change the number of display colors.)

A Hebrew Class

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