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Resources in Hebrew


Before visiting these sites, you must download the appropriate font for your browser!!

- At Galim, you can learn about Shavuot.

- Snunit : A massive Israeli portal/search engine, this site is unique in its intellectually and culturally oriented content. Find articles or join Hebrew chat groups on subjects as diverse as philosophy, ecology, the Middle East, Israel and Judaism and much more. A special section on poetry and literature features "Shireshet" — Snunit’s poetry site. Chaim Guri, Natan Zach, Nurit Zarhi and other modern day Israeli poets read their own poems. Also provided are biographies, articles and reviews, a poetry workshop and links.

- Snunit virtual library .
- Rush to see Snunit's excellent feature on political assassinations .

- At the same site, you'll find a report on Yitzhak Rabin, his assassination and its consequences.

- "Four Years Already", a personal site on Yitzhak Rabin.

- A city turned ghetto, a site on the Warsaw ghetto. Not to be missed.

- ORT Israel features a page on the Yom Kippur war.

- Activities: Programs and Projects for Sukkot . (Jewish Agency)

- State of Israel, Ministry of Education. A site full of Jerusalem Day-related links.

- Teaching about the Shoah through stamps. A site that everyone should visit. The stamps are grouped by theme: death camps, the righteous, collaboration, etc.

- An absolute must see is Amal Education Network's site on the Shoah.

- A collection of personal accounts on the trial of Adolf Eichmann.

- "Lohamei Haghetaot Museum" commemorates the Jewish resistance.

- An excellent educational report on Terezin camp.

- State of Israel, Ministry of Education. A site full of education-related links.

- The Website of The Curriculum Center at Beit Berl College in Israel offers educators a variety of innovative services in the areas of curriculum planning, instructional methods and pedagogical thinking. The site "speaks" Hebrew and could be used by educators outside Israel who work in formal and non-formal Jewish education.

- Macam, Israel's teacher training centre, brings us an excellent report on the relationship between the people and the land of Israel.

- ORT Israel features a virtual learning centre.

- Amal Education Network includes a link to the Yishuv during the Second World War, Not to be missed!
A remarkable site recounting the long struggle of the Hagana !

- The Negev 180 databases are the first part of a Negev Database which we are constructing. Although these databases are now only in Hebrew, we have plans to bring out English versions soon. These databases cover many areas of the Negev, such as ancient settlement, tourist routes, medicinal plants, modern settlements, etc.

- 50 years of Israel through stamps. Many learning activities on this site.

- A wonderful feature on Eretz Israel in the thirties.

- The history of posters, a marvellous site by the C.E.T.

- A photo exhibit on the wave of immigration in the 1950's.

- Ometz, certainly the best site in Hebrew on citizenship.

- A must see is the site of the Academy of the Hebrew language.

- Also visit the Centre for historical study of the Hebrew language.

- Once again, Snunit remains indispensable and without a doubt, the best source of educational resources in Hebrew.

- Shireshet, a site on Hebrew poetry. You can even listen to the poems.

- Snunit also offers, Korim Umegivim, a site with excerpts from modern literature and dialogue with students.

- Bima ah'eret, gives young writers and poets a place to express themselves.

- A very nice site on literature, produced by Amal Education Network.

The name says it all. Literatura is the site for new Israeli literature in its many forms of expression. At Literatura, you'll find poems, novellas and short stories written for the site.

Here are two sites where Net surfers and writers can publish their own works. Visitors can also grade the short stories and send in their comments. Waste no time in checking out these great sites!

- The Hebrew Writers Association in Israel.

- The Bible Site. all you want read and listen to the bible sent a not to the bible and much more.

- Whether it be the Bible, Talmud, the Law, or Jewish traditions, you will find it all in Snunit's enormous data base on judaism: Daat.

- Zmanim is a site on Jewish holidays from Jewishworld .

- Listen to your Parasha in Real Audio from Ort World Union (askhenazi rite).

- Gilyonot - Weekly insights on the Parasha with commentaries by Nechama Leibovitz, za"l.

- Explore the fundamental Jewish texts in their entirety.

- The full Babylon Talmud from Snunit.

- The Torah Department of the Ministry of Education.

- Netvision, offers excerpts in Real Audio of a television series on the Halah'a (Jewish law) ; Avraham and Yaakov.

- A well documented site on the culture and traditions of the Bedouin.

- The C.E.T (Centre for Education through Technology) is, along with Snunit, the best learning resources site in Israel, .

- Azimuth , from the C.E.T directs you to numerous Israeli educational sites.

- Yet another excellent site from the C.E.T, Mitkashrim will tell you all you need to know about the media and its role in Israel and the world.

- Amal network brings you "Ossim tikshoret", a site on using the media, including legislation and student's projects etc...

- Another site full of great addresses for Hebrew teachers, with links to education-related sites in all fields.

- Here you'll find links to Israel's universities.


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